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July 20, 1997 

NEW YORK CITY, July 20 -- Principal photography has begun in Armonk, NY on ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES, the debut from 26 year old director Andrés Heinz, the 1995 1st place recipient of New York University’s prestigious Mobil Award. 

  First time screenwriter Robert Weston Ackerman’s screenplay, based on his acclaimed off-Broadway play ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES, is brought to life by an ensemble cast of some of the fastest rising stars in film and television -- Elon Gold (ABC’s “Dana Carvey Show,” Castle Rock’s “You’re The One), Jean Louisa Kelly (MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS), Michael Kelly (RIVER RED), Jonathan LaPaglia (“New York Undercover”, DECONSTRUCTING HARRY), Amanda Peet (SHE’S THE ONE, ONE FINE DAY), and Sybil Temchen (RESTAURANT). 

  A moving and gently humorous parable of human evolution, ORIGIN unfolds over a weekend in a summer house where six late twenties college friends have reunited annually for the past decade.  The retreat incites a series of life crises that compel them to confront their relationships and lives, leading them to discover what it really means to grow up. 

  ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES is a production from Nickoll Arcade Films, a New York City-based production company headed by David Nickoll, recipient of the Sundance Institute’s Mark Silverman Fellowship for New Producers. The film is being photographed by Stephen Kazmierski (THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS).