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From a review in the Houston Chronicle 
by Brenda Gunter 
("Origin of the Species" was given three out of three stars by the reviewer.) 
"Picture the cast of 'Friends' before its members became household names. Place this unknown but talented cast in a lakeside summer home in upstate New York, and you have the genesis for Robert Weston Ackerman's fact-based screenplay, filmed in his mother-in-law's house.  
Paul, a Darwin-spouting evolution buff, has invited five college friends, one of whom he married, for annual reunions here for the past nine years.  And while he's perfectly happy with the status quo, the other five, including his pregnant wife, pursue their own agendas.  One of the six, an attorney who retreats into work after surviving a bout with cancer and a broken relationship, provides the catalyst for provocative converastion.  Haunting dream sequences thoughtfully illustrate the group's evolution as they approach the big 3-0.  If Douglas Coupland (Generation X) had written 'The Big Chill,' this might have been the result."