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Origin of the Species News & Reviews

Interview with David and Robert

Origin scores a great review

Origin featured in Westchester Newspaper
The Northern Westchester Patent Trader

Interview with Robert Ackerman

Origin of the Species wins the Gold Medal for Best First Feature at the Houston International Film Festival.
Houston Chronicle

Netflix review:

"Six friends reunite for their annual get-together at a rambling summerhouse in New York's upscale Westchester County. What they hadn't figured on, however, are the emotional breakdowns that rudely interrupt their idyllic rest and relaxation as they begin plumbing the depths of their relationships and motivations. Amanda Peet, Jonathan LaPaglia and Michael Kelly star in this humorous and affecting film."


"Origin Of The Species: A Nice Beginning"
Various newspapers, Tri-State area

"Next Wave: Filmmakers surf for coin and contacts"
Variety (special ed: "The Independents")

ORIGIN wins special Jury Prize at San Diego Film Festival

Origin of the Species Press Release

First Look presents Origin of the Species Press Release
First Look

"Production Update"

FilmMaker: The Magazine of Independent Film

"From Stage to Screen (Interview with Origin writer Robert Weston Ackerman)"
New York Independent Film Monitor